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July 2012



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Jul. 27th, 2012


If this doesn't happen I'll be disappointed.

Jun. 8th, 2012


I somehow lost my eReader...I had it in my car, then in work, then back to my car, then into the house. I figured I left it in the car yesterday then on the way to work it wasn't in the car so I thought it was still at home and I just didn't look. But its not in the car, its not at work, and its not in the house. What the hell? Unless I somehow dropped it and didn't hear when I was going to and from my car, it *must* be in the house. And it was a new touch screen Kobo that they sent me after fucking up somethings.

And the worst part!? Not only is the eReader lost...but I quickly tucked my paycheck into the case. So thats gone too. If I don't find it tonight I'll have to get Michelle to cancel it I guess. =S


May. 28th, 2012

Dog Bites

I've been grooming for about 5 years now and got my first bite today. Yay, not. Had 7 pets to groom today (two were kitties) and this one "bichon" mix was in to get a shave down. He was super matter which super annoys me, but anyway, went to get him out of the cage and he snapped at me a bunch but I figured I just startled him/cage aggression. Got him on the table, bathed him, dried him, shaved him, clipped his nails with no problems. Gave him a bandanna and was putting his harness back on, went to put his leg through the loop and he just grabbed my hand. It really seemed like it came out of no where but now that I think about it he wasn't happy with me doing his nails and he must of thought "lady you are NOT touching my feet anymore." But really, most dogs are like "Oh goody, my leash" and even the bad dogs at that point are happy. *sigh*

I had to send home three pets untouched and one dog half finished. Then had to have ALL my appointments at my other job rescheduled which SUCKS SO MUCH cause I'm fully booked this week and I was looking to a nice paycheck and happy people with happy clean dogs (the hot weather seems to remind everyone that maybe the dogs need grooming). The doctor didn't wanna stitch it so I was just advised to not use it for a few days and let it heal on its own. Its all bandaged and I got antibiotics.

I just wish people were honest about their dogs, the owner mentioned NOTHING about his attitude. And when the receptionist told her what happened she said sorry then eventually said "yeeeah, he growls sometimes..." whatever lady. Apparently when she was told to get him out of the cage he freaked out at her too.

Anyway, sorry for the novel. Anyone else have some dog bite stories they care to share? How likely do you think it is that I'll be work ready by Friday? lol Its only about an inch long gash/puncture on my palm under my pinky but its all gross and fleshy looking. =S

Ace says "See, I told you other dogs weren't nice." And well, Brees just happy someone helped her onto the bed for pity cuddles.

Apr. 21st, 2012

Fuck you Kobo!


Nate bought me one last year for my birthday (April) and in mid October I went to go read a book and it was all grey lines and DEAD! It sucked but I figured customer support would help. Which it did, it sent me a box to send my broken one in and then sent me a new Kobo eReader. Thinking it was just a fluke I wasn't too worried until I saw SO MANY complaints about the eReaders doing that A LOT. So I've been extra gentle with the one I received in November.

GUESS WHAT! Went to go read it the other day and ITS FUCKING BROKEN TOO. CUE MANY RAGES.

I'm emailing back and forth with Kobo currently but it looks like this time *I* have to ship it to them and pay for that myself which is BULLSHIT. The damn thing doesn't even last 6 months. I'm so pissed. I've already spent a bunch in covers and lights and books and their damn product shouldn't be crap!

The morale of this story? Fuck you Kobo...
Oh, and don't buy those eReaders, they suck.

Feb. 26th, 2012

FML (now with gifs!)

I had nothing to do today so I decided to drive out to Barrie about an hour away to see this dog training facility my boss Michelle talks about. Apparently its huge and awesome and her and her Havanese Spencer were doing some Rally trials today so why not.

I wish I stayed home. The day sucked balls. I got the directions to the place off of Google and it seemed simple, drive up the highway turn right here, right here, on the left. Simple. Drove for a fucking hour and got to the road, turned right on the last street it told me to and started looking for the place. Figured it was a little confusing that this place is supposed to have like 17 acres and where I was (with all the street names the map told me to be at) was all houses and shops. Kept driving down the road, starting to look a little farmish, alright, thats probably good. BUT NO. NOTHING. I pulled over, called Michelle, no answer, called Nate, no answer. Called my mom who just could find the same directions I had so I just kept driving. Making this face:

I even stopped at a gas station and asked a bunch of people. No one knew!? One guy even checked his iPhone and called the place for me (no answer). So at that point I was like:

At that point I figured, fuck it! Going home! Wasted over two hours driving around for nothing. On the way back I stopped and shopped at the big ass Vaughn Mills mall, but didn't buy anything...but you know what?

Also, I got a yummy sub because:

Feb. 24th, 2012


I took a video of Leon eating some buggies. It actually really grosses me out. Haha, I can tolerate the little worms on my palm as long as I don't think about it too much. I do not like his tongue hitting me though, its wet and gummy and it sticks. Sometimes he misses the worm and it just sticks my hand and I wanna flail and be all ARGH GROSS. But feeding him like this is about the only time he'll let us get close without being all grumpy. He's a dick to be honest. At least he'll drink from me though, when Nate mists him or the cage he goes to the far end. When I mist him he'll usually stay in one spot and usually reach up and start drinking the droplets.

Please to be ignoring the crummy lighting and the fact that his head is blurry.

Feb. 22nd, 2012


Man, watching Tosh.O is my guilty pleasure. I don't know what it is, the guys an ass and I friggen love it.

Feb. 15th, 2012

WW: Ace

Feb. 14th, 2012


This morning I went pee and then went to grab some toilet paper and instead I grabbed the shampoo bottle and squirted shampoo on my hand...wtf brain?

This is the card Nate got me for V-day. I love his cards and letters cause he always does awesome little doodles for me too. <3


Jan. 15th, 2012

Writer's Block: Dress up your Pet Day

Post a photo of your pet in costume.

Look at that sexah superdog face.

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